Cellular big button Keyboard Varies with device

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Innovation of keyboard layout on the touch-screen - Cellular Latin Keyboard

Still annoyed by the tiny key on your softkeyboard? Human's thumb is too big and the original latin-keyboard layout is not designed for a touch-screen of a cell phone. The android input method is good but the mis-touch and the following correction always lead to slow input speed.
The cellular softkeyboard layout is an innovation of using Hexagon key shape but inheriting the traditional keyboard layout. As the result the key size is expended greatly and on a normal 3.7 inch screen it will be not hard to touch on the correct key and the input speed will be improved greatly.
The cellular inputmethods is based on the latin-keyboard of android 2.3. You also can have the chance to experience the significant work of Gingerbread keyboard on lower versions of android.
In the new version of 1.1 the possible cause of "force close" on some types of mobile is fixed.
For the requests for adding more words into default Dictionary, please search "UDM" in the google market, it is a better solution.
Feedback is welcome.

To enable the celluar keyboard:
On your Android phone, tap Settings.
- Now tap on Language & keyboard.
- click on the "cellular keyboard" to activate it.
- go to the Message and try to compose one new message. Long click on the input and then select "Input method"
- In the popup window select "cellular keyboard".

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